Gibson studio or epiphone elitist?

I have the budget for any epiphone les paul or gib studio lp guitar. What is better for the money: gibson studio or elitist les paul? I was originally after an epiphone les paul standard plus,until 99% of people on threads have adviced getting an elitist or studio, because of the wood quality,tone etc, but which one?

Which guitar has the best lp sound and/or is overall better quality for the money, obviously i don't have enough for any other gib.

There has been alot of opposing views on the topic of epiphones and gibs, and what i'd appreciate is to get the best verdict on which to buy. I have played the studio, sounds vgood,but not the elitist epiphones. I would only be willing to get an epiphone std or custom if epi.

i am more swayed to buy the elitist,am i wrong?
i've played some studios that blew and some that sound very good. It kind of depends on each individual guitar. I have never played an elitist, but they look a hell of a lot better than any studio.
Elitists look better, but a good Studio will be a better guitar all around.
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dude u made this thread twice

i hate to be a dick, but...

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I've liked the elitist's I've played more then the studios...just an opinion though. Hate the elitist headstock though.
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Try the Epi out for yourself, then compare it to an LP Studio, see which one you like most.

I've not played an Elitist LP, but I've played many Studios, they're nice, but nothing special really.
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