right then there's the question, i play indie rock (think razorlight, the smiths etc)

if i bought the memory man i'd have the included chorus but i don't know how versatile this is

the small clone combination is cheaper and on the face of it looks more versatile but i'd like your opinions on tone, versatility and anything else which may be relevant on the two ideas thanks

also if there are any other delay pedals and chorus pedals i should consider let me know
i already have a double muff and am going to soon buy a pro co rat2 (not set in stone so alternatives welcome) and play a japanese telecaster through a laney vc30 112
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try a Visual Sound H2O Chorus and Delay in One pedal though i dontknow if they deal to the UK check around for it. Or just get the memory man because from my experience evevrything by Danelecto fuking sux
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I'd say get the EHX Deluxe Memory man, it'll sound a lot better than the Danelectro delay, and it's chorus will be pretty good too, but if you want to use both the effects at the same time you can't (but you never use that combination much)
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ya but with the visual sound H2O you can use both at the same time FTW
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cheers guys any other ideas for chorus and delay pedals plus an overdrive for "lo fi" sounds and maybe an eq (although this is not a must at the moment) keep the ideas coming in