Hey this is my first post on the forum does anyone else have the annoying ZAP advert with the *buzzing* mosquito, I just zap it so it'll shut up :p.

Anyway to my piont when i finaly come into some money (not any time soon) I'm going to buy a Shecter Damien FR & i was hoping somone owns one or has played one so they can tell be wether it's a hit or miss? Even if they can tell me a bit about the details below that would be great with me being a bit of a newb.

nope i use mozilla firefox

what music do you play? what amp do you use? aside from that the trem is most likely going to be a hit or miss. i really dont like their choice of the wood at all and just the whole guitar gives me bad vibes
eep mixed opinions...

I was planning on playing a bit more heavy stuff, at the moment i'm playing acoustic because thats all i have & as for amps i don't have one yet
well yeh ummm you might wanna save more money for an amp and guitar that you can buy at the same time. also do you know how to work a floyd rose? how much will you be using it?
You had me confused at the word floyd rose i know it's part of the guitar but i'm lost at what the hell it does but your right i should wait till i can buy an amp that will suit it. For now i'm just trying to see what guitars are good ect.

At the moment i play guitar every day or everyother day I've been doing that for about 4-5 months i also played a few years ago but i haven't had leson's, I just used my brothers guitars I still mess up a lot & can't play as good as i would like
Just steer clear of a Floyd for now, seeing as you don't sound much like you will use it
that is a floyd rose,
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if you have no idea what a floyd rose bridge is then certainly stay away from the damien fr alright.
Ahhh... but i want one

Just kidding :p yea i'll save that idea for future referance. I'll buy a cheaper more simple Schecter like:

Schecter 00 series 006 deluxe

Schecter omen series omen-6

But just because i have Floyed Rose doesn't mean i have to use it & could be a good investment for the future?
No, if you won't be using it, like, all the time, you don't want one.

Try a Damien without the FR.
Good point but that only saves £25 AKA $50, comes to think of it thats about the same amount as the other Schecters i was interested in.

Thanks a lot for your everyones help, much appreciated
If you like the Damian just get the standard version, without the floyd rose bridge

have a look at some of the other schecters as well. I'm going to get the

006 Extreme as a starters guitar for myself in a couple of weeks.

I hope you find your ideal guitar