ever had a really good battle with a freind?
who won?
whatd ya play?
who got their ass handed to them?
I guitar duel with my friends for something to do, never serious compition to 'pwn some noob'.
One time I creamed the hell out of my friend playing a blues improv (it was a best solo thing) and than I got my face melted from another friends shredding (in a speed thing).
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guitar duels is the gayest thing ever. Except if its about speed. If so, wanting to prove you're faster than somebody is just as gay.

If its about best solo or something, its gay coz its all about opinion. And even if you manage to make a kick ass mainstream-solo like the one in teen spirit, and your friend makes one like some underground solo most people don't like, it still doesn't matter. Arggh.
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I'd rather play a dual solo, NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN dual (meaning both playing) and duel (the challenge competition).

2 guitarists who really have thier skills together can sound real good if playin at the same time, either same notes, diffn't octaves, modes, or both of thier own things, is a helluva lot better than trying to be better. Music isn't about that.
Guitar battles IMO are the ultimate test of how good of a live musician you are, assuming it's in front of an audience. You have to be able to balance the amount movement and interaction with the audience with how good your solo is. I like guitar battles personally, because they're just fun. I like it when people who think they're amazing challenge you out of the blue to prove something.
only in guitar shops, if theyre playing **** stuff louder than me..when i want to try something i might buy..they deserve a good ass whooping.
but just be descrete, ifff you jump and yell out " n00b got pwned!!!111lol", just watch a out for an even better player come site neer you and embarrass you to hell