Does anyone have an idea of the value of this guitar? A friend of mine has one that was given to him by his grandfather. It is in pretty good shape with a couple of minor dings and some buckle wear. I have already tried to buy it from him, but no dice. I was just curious of the real value. I don't have the serial number but he told me it was a '67. Thanks
Its possible I'm wrong here, but I dont think there is such a guitar. In 1963 the les paul went out ouf production as it was replaced by the SG. It didnt come back into production until around 68/69 ish. Also I dont think the custom was made until the later than that. Its probably not as old as he thinks, but even so it must be worth thousands if its from the 60's. If you get the serial you should be able to find out for sure
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about £4995 - £5995
as a rough estimate if it's in a played condition,

if not, I'd say about £4k
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Thanks guys. I will try and get the serial number and post that. That should give us an acurate year also, correct?
Les Paul Customs along with Les Paul Standards were discontinued in 1963. It's possible it may be a 1968 Standard or Custom. That or he's got a '67 SG Custom. It may also be a '68 Goldtop, which in that case it may be worth something like $35,000 like my '58. Serial number & pictures would help A LOT.

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I will try to get both. I don't think it is an SG unless they had the classic Les Paul shape back then. I will give him a call tonight and try to post it tomorrow.