I'm getting an Ibanez JS1000 and wanted to know if the single coil tap works well, as in can it replicate a nice bluesy strat sound effectively? thats the sound i really want aside from the humbuckers and the advantage of the trem.
also, what does the high-pass filter do?
thanks in advance..
IMO, with several of my guitars having a coil tap, you simply don't quite get the
same sound as you would with a Strat single coil. You get a different sound, but
not really a Stat sound. So, you should check it out to see if its what you want.

A High-pass Filter bleeds off the treble. That's what most "Tone" knobs do.

what amp u using?

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i'm not using a full sized amp, i have a boss GT8 to give me all the sounds i want for now..