Hey Im sure you all know the red hot chili pepper logo (the cross one) and i was wondering if it would be hard to spraypaint it onto either the guitar body or the pickguard. thats the sort of colou the guitar is. So is all i need to do, sand the area to be painted, then like use a stencil to paint it on? And also, do you think it would look cooler on the pickguard or guitar? Thanks
I don't think it would look to good with that color. You are already playing a guitar that looks like one John Frusciante uses a lot (Sunburst w/ rosewood fretboard).

So why don't you keep it as it is?
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if anything, just paint the pickguard...if you don't like how it turns out, you can always just replace it with another new one
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Ok, il do it one the pickguard. And that isnt my guitar, its just the basic colour of it. Mines is a crappy copy and i never really use it anymore (got an ibanez) and I dont want it to look like johns, i just thought it would be cool.
What you need to do is slightly sand down the part of the pickguard you're gonna put it on, then use a stencil or do it by hand and clear coat it after you've painted so that it doesn't chip off.
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I think it'd look awesome if you painted the logo on the body on the lower left part (where your forearm would normally be), then relic'ed the finish so that the logo was partially rubbed off, along with the rest of the finish. Though if you want to paint it on the pickguard, do what R_H_C_P said.
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^Damn you! Now Im thiking about doing it on the body again! Well Im still not sure....

.........Please excuse the paint skills........
I dont know if it would look better where robmarsden01 suggested or on the pickguard. It would standout more if it was the the white pickguard, or maybe on the body picture above, have the logo down a bit.
Come up with your own symbol. Just copying the RHCP one is unoriginal and stupid.
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