i was wondering is there a big difference between the ux1 and the ux2. i want to record some acoustic songs with my friend on vocals but i don't have an acoustic/electric guitar. is there an acoustic simulator or something like that. for vocals do you just plug a mic in an input because i saw the video on their website and it was in an actual studio. Last, i want to know if its easy to use. like could a 12 year old whos been playing for a year and a half be able to understand everything.
there is an acoustic simulator...but for the mic u need a condesor mic...its pretty easy but i dont really recomend it...for the money im pretty sure u can get something better
on the ux1 you need to use some type of self-powered mic. Condenser microphones (which tend to sound far better than dynamic mics) require someting called phantom power for them to function correctly. The UX2 has phantom power on the mic inputs whereas the teh ux1 does not. To summarize, if you plan to use a condenser microphone you need the UX2.
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thanks. so if i get the ux2. all i need is the condensor mic to record vocals? and what are some good condensor mics that are under 150 bucks
a shure sm58 would be nice for vocals even though its dynamic. i like this one for condenser and for the money, MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount

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I recently purchased a Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser mic for my Toneport. I wasn't crazy about using the SM48 for vocals. Ill let you know how it goes. It got good reviews.
i understand it, been playing for that long, im that age . get a sure sm 57 mic and plug it into the mic slot, and probally just use the other mic slot (assuming you get the ux2) cause i don't think the other one has 2 mic slots, and just mic your acoustic guitar and use the other mic slot for vocals

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There is not that big a difference. Its just to do with the more advanced features, so if you're on a tight budget the UX1 wont hurt. The sound quality is still the same. As fr the acuostic simulator, there is one but it is not the same as a real acoustic guitar, although with some tweaking it would pass. An acoustic guitar would be better though. For vocals you buy/borrrow a mic and plug it into the mic slot, then select 'mic input' on the Gear Box software. They only made it in a studio to look cool. And yes, you should have no problems in using it, very simple to understand. Although the Ableton Live software is pretty complex, Tracktion which you can buy or 'obtain' through other methods is very simple to use and produces good results.