Hi there,

I reckon this is my first post on the forum, though I've been a lurker on Ultimate-Guitar for a while now...

Anyway, I have a question about amps:

At the moment I'm on a baby 15 watt amp with in-build effects changer (if you can call it that).

But at the end of the next academic year, I'll be giving that to my brother in exchange for my old Strat imitation, which I want to keep as a knock around guitar.

And at the same time I'll be inheriting, from my parents (who will be moving into an appartement whilst I live with my grand-parents), their old Cassette Tape-Decks, Marantz Compact Disk Player, Their record player (+ some nice old records...Yummy), and some other old goodies that'll look nice in my room!

And I was wondering whether it's possible (and I'm propably asking a silly question here), instead of getting another amp like mine (which is really just a speaker with some nobs and effect buttons attached right?), for me to get something that I could plug my guitar and any effects pedals into, and then plug that into, say, 4 or 6 speakers that I could place around my room...And then maybe get a big portable speaker that I could plug it into if I wanted to go to someone's house and just jam...

It just sounds better to me to get something like that, which is good quality, then upgrade or change speakers when I want to...Instead of getting another 'Whole' amp, as it were...

But then again I'm not sure something like that even exists...But that's when all you charming people come in!

Also, another question: Would it be possible to rig up my guitar (and this amp thingy) AND all the Audio Decks that I'll be getting from my perants AND even my PC?

I'm not a techno wizard and so don't know nearly enough about all these things...

Also, say if I wanted to get even more instruments going into the same audio system, and the sound coming out of the same speakers...Cause I also have a rather nice Yamaha DGX-350 keyboard...How would I go about that?

Can someone please tell if I'm barking up the right tree or not? Or even if I'm just barking mad!
Welcome to the (posting part of the....) forums!

You could get a PA head that you could plug diff instruments into loads of speakers, but it doesn't mean it'll sound good going straight through.

Also, what you could do is buy an amp head, and then run it with the speakers you want (although the speakers have to match the wattage and impedence)

What you should do is scrap that idea, and just get a combo that you can carry around to friends houses and won't be too much of a hassle.
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Like R_H_C_P said, you will be best off with a combo. It will give you the best sound. Check out the Vox DA-5 or the Roland Microcube if you want something really small. If not, go for a bigger version of those amps.
Thanks for the welcome and advice! 'Tis much appreciated! I will considor possibilities...

Thanks again