I want to get a Second Guitar for use with a different tuning

at the moment I play a Ibanez S-470

and I want something similair, I don't know wether to go for another Ibanez, a Jackson, A Bc Rich or a ESP. I play mainly Metal, from like Power Metal to Thrash Metal, So a versitile metal guitar is kind of what I am looking for, just not sure on which one to go for, I'm on a budget of about 350-400 Pounds.. So some Suggestions would be nice :]
I'd recommend you getting an ESP, anything above the 400 series though.
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^He want's a second guitar for other tunings. Read the post.

I'd say ESP LTD -1000 or maybe a "real" ESP if you can affort it. They really rock at metal and harder rock.

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