Ok, I just got my sperzel locking tuners i ordered a week ago, and I am putting them on my esp explorer. I got all my old factory tuner pegs off the guitar already, and now I am kind of confused on how to put the sperzels on. The directions that came with them are kind of vague. There is a little set pin you need to imprint on the headstock and then drill a tiny hole, how do you know exactly where to put the tuning peg? does it need to be exactly in the right spot? If anyone can help me out, i would really appreciate it!
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it doesn't need to be exact other than for cosmetics, as long as it's in the existing tuner hole. You do however want them as straight as possible so they don't interfere with eachothers turning radius. Just try to line them up as close to the way the originals were as possible, perpendicular to the headstock, and lined up with eachother. However, as long as they are in the existing tuner hole, securely in place, and not interfering with eachother, they should function fine.

You will most likely get better suggestions in the customization section.
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