Evening, I'm not normally a frequenter in these parts but I thought I'd pop by. Does anyone here like Vinnie Moore? I bought a compilation cd (of the highest and sexiest order) and one of the artsists was Vinnie, with the song The Maze, and I was blown away. I'm not a big fan of shred but the way he plays in that song is more to my tastes. So is there any decent albums he's released and is he in any bands?
Vinnie is awesome, if I'm not wrong, he was/is in UFO. To me one of his most awesome songs is Morning Star, try to hear it somehow, it's worth it.

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theres alot of good songs by him, daydream, ridin high, meltdown, free, in control, king of kings, defying gravity, he's a great guitarist, but seems to be a little repetive with his style IMO
I love Vinnie, though his early neoclassical stuff really gets old fast while his more fusion-rock oriented stuff (Meltdown) kicks gigantic amounts of ass imo.

So yeah, get Meltdown, it kicks ass... Or if you want neoclassical-ish, Mind's Eye.
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Vinnie moore is awesome, awesome technique etc, the only thing is is that everything that he plays seems to be a riff to him...
My dad used to have an video, but it broke and he seem pretty damn amazing.
Cheers for the song and album recomendations, i will check them out.
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