i like to play my acoustic alot but i can't do hammer ons and pull offs really well, when i do them u can barely even hear them.Does anyone know why this would be happening and also i don't know alot about acoustics so if this is a stupid question please keep ur comments to yourself. Thanks in advance
You're probably not hammering on hard enough or flicking the string while pulling off.
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On topic, you just have to practice songs, or just practice, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, first try hammer-ons/pull-offs on open




At first try using the thicker strings (E,A,D), and when hammering on, pressing hard on to the string, where the new fret will make the sound. Also when pulling-off, don't do it more then once for each time you pluck, because it's an acoustic, there's nothing to amplify the sound, and the tone will die.

Hope that helps.
try eric clapton- tears in heaven.
thats one of the first songs i learned and it has good things to practice in the intro. And yes, its all practice.
Of course lack of amplification makes it not as loud, but you do have to work a bit harder with an acoustic no matter what you do - keep playing to develop strength.
The intro to Life by the drop by Stevie Ray Vaughan also has a lot of hammer ons/pull offs, but it's not that easy to play up to speed if you don't have a alot of expeirence with guitar.
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