and i'm taking a huge step and selling most of it all because it doesnt fit my needs. i play everything but i'm in a metal band which is the main genre i play so i need some new gear.

this is all my current gear...

Squier Stagemaster
PRS Carlos Santana SE
Ibanez 100w Toneblaster 2 12
Roland Micro Cube
Boss Metal Zone
Boss GT6 Multi Effect Processor
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Digitech Death Metal

i'm gonna sell the ibanez amp which is sh!t, the PRS, the boss gt6, and the digitech death metal pedal. so i figure i can sell the ibanez at 250-300, the prs at 300, the boss at 200-250, and the digitech pedal at like 20? lol idk how much that one costs anymore. also, i'm not going to be using the squier or the ESP after i sell and buy gear, i'm gonna be using a buddy of mines Ibanez which he said he just might give to me. Its one of the musicians friend ones but he did a pu swap for real EMGs and he just bought a high end ESP so its all good. i wanna buy a tube amp with the money i get, one good for metal, so i've been looking at these tube amp heads:

Randall RH50T

Peavey Valveking

thats all i really have for now but i'm open to suggestions.

Why not sell the ESP and Squier then too? Plus, the PRS is a really nice guitar. Also, what model is the Ibanez since that will help. I'm guessing you play metal because of your choices, let me do you a favor. Don't get the ValveKing since it isn't all that great and I doubt you'll need a head since you probably don't have a cab and that will cost you a little much. I recommend this:

Agile 3100 CSB
ESP MH400 w/ Trem-Setter
Epi G-310
Applause Acoustic

1968 Fender Vibrochamp - Great amp, only $100 fixxer-upper
Line 6 Spider II

you know what, i forget the model number for the Ibanez. All i can remember it was around 400 or so and it has a fixed bridge and EMG designed pickups and a quilted top with matching headstock and brushed aluminum hardware. and i didnt mention a cab because my parents are gonna buy me one. i know your probally thinking yeah i dont need that much but i play large gigs so i need it especially since the other guitarist has a halfstack that he just LOVESSS to blast
not sure.....i bought it used off ebay for like 350ish. no big signs of wear except a nice lil chip in the back but nobody can see it. i even forgot it was there once
Sell you F50, seriously. It can't be nearly as good as the F250 and my friend has an F250, its crap. If you like its looks buy the F400 but don't keep that F50 its just a waste.
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Sounds like a good idea to sell your drap and get some fresh, new and kick ass gear!

If you want a good bang-for-the-buck-amp get the Peavey Valveking, but if you want something a little better you might want to look at some Laney heads. They are really versatile and has a great tone.

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