Ok I've noticed that punk scenes i cities have completely disappeared. There are no clubs anymore that you can go to and be guarenteed a good punk show. I live in vancouver, BC, which used to have on of the most influential scenes in music, with bands like DOA, The Subhimans, The Young Canadians etc. But now there's nothing. its all big acts at big venues. The whole punk scene is gone. Let me know what you think.
This has been said at leat 325832 times. But I do agree. I am actually so young, I've never been really part of a real punk scene..
I think it sucks. The only place near me that gets punk bands has recently been overrun with emo, hardcore, and rap bands. (not saying I dislike hardcore)
Let's make a NEW PUNK SCENE in Canada :O. Threadstarter will put the scene back in the West Coast and I'll put it back in the East Coast..
I don't even live in Vancouver, but I know there's a sweet scene there.

A quick google search found me this:


I'd reccomend you some bands, but like I said, I don't live in Vancouver.

And to the guy who lives in Quebec, if you live in QC or Montreal, you have a scene. Trust me.

I can't give you any examples of awesome stuff in Quebec or BC, but this is happening in Calgary, so you can't say anything about punk scenes being dead/nonexistant/crappy whatever:

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I know for a fact that there are lots of killer bands coming outta Canada.
And if you complain that you don't like your scene, THEN DIY!

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