ok at school there is this band and they used to have 4 members lead diferent members were guitar/ lead vocals, bass, drummer, rythym guitarist. then a few days ago the drummer and rythym guitarist quit the bass player took over drums and they got a new bass player. any ways i am really looking to join a band and i would definatly be dedicated and take it seriosly im older then all the members and in my opinion i can play/ write songs/ and know more theory than there only remaining guitarists and i have more expierience so im thinking they might want another guitarist cause they only have 1 now.

Im thinking about asking the singer if he wants a new guitarists and i have a few questions about the best way to ask. so here is some info that could help

i know to of the band members from school im not friends not because i have something against them or they have something against me i just haven't talked to them much. They play mostly punk and stuff but i prefer metal and hardcore like avenged sevenfold trivium and metallica but i just want to join a band and i dont mind playing punk.

so here are my questions
1. do you think it would be random to ask a band if they need another guitarist (keep in mind that one of the guitarists just quit and the band lineup just completly changed yesterday)

2. What would be the best way to ask im thinking either e-mail or waiting for the first day of school in two weeks and asking them in person but that may be to late

3. if i do ask them what things would you recommend doing to make myself look best i mean like as a guitarist should i make a cd with some recordings or any thing like that or like a resume as a guitarist (definatly not a real actual resume but something like that)

4. any other suggestions or comments

any help would be greatly appreciated if you leave a comment and would like crit or something just leave a link and if you read this please post any comment unless its like your gay or something because i really need help quick and i really want to join a band and i would like that one
Maybe ask through a friend? Or just ask him out right, since you're older. You have the advantage of age.
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just ask if they are reaplacing the old guitarist

nd if he says yes then ask if he's having try-outs or something. then say u'd like to try out or be in the band,
i'd just ask him if they need a new guitar player, and ask if you could come and jam with the band sometime
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Quote by pe_666
i'd just ask him if they need a new guitar player, and ask if you could come and jam with the band sometime

yeah dude, i second what everyone else is saying, just kind of casually ask him if they might need another guitarist, or get a friend to talk to him, and have them recommend you?
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