Is there any way to polish a satin finish to give it a glossier look?
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A true satin finish has an additive in the clear coat that reflects lightwaves differently. They get buffed & polished just like gloss finish, but the additive gives it that flat look. In short, no. You can problay attempt to buff it out though, it may make it a little bit more glossier.

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yea, you'd have to take and paint it over with some clear gloss, make sure you prep it good though..
Sorry for hijacking your thread but how do you clean a satin finished guitar. I have one and there are some spots on it. Can i use a regular guitar gloss like ghs guitar gloss to remove the spots? I don't want it to shine i just want to remove the spots. The spots are from sweat. After i play my guitar i wipe it down but the spots still remain.
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yea, regular polish will work. but yea it might get a little more glossy, maby get just a guitar cleaner. i know they make it... try musicians friend..