ok, well Im sort of an ok-ish intermediate guitarist and ive recently been trying to expand the number of chords i know. It seems to me that the best way of doing it is really to learn the theory, such as how to form chords. Is it better to do it like this and if so, can anyone recommend me a good way to learn this, because Im very bad at theory stuff
yeah id like to know too
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Theory can be very important, depending on the musician. It lets you be able to communicate with other musicians effectively. Its a a great tool to use to help make your music more interesting and creative.

Some ways to learn : learn to play piano (probably with a teacher), and do theory through that - then it all very easily transfers to guitar. If you find classical piano boring for the most part, tell your teacher that you want to do a different style of music - but continue with theory and regular technique stuff.

Or read some lessons or books. A great introduction to many aspects of theory is this


Its rather large, maybe duanting at first, but its an amazing lesson and its free!

Remember that theory isn't the rules of music, and try not to let it take over your playing. Such as, if you are playing a song in the key of C, and you NEVER play an accidental becuase its "not allowed". Good luck
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ian444 is right. I look at theory like a stencil, if you use a stencil you'll have an easier time drawing and it'll make everything better overall, unless you can't trace around a shape. Theory is the same way its a guidline to help write music. I got almost every guitarist I know to learn theory and they are all a lot better now. Also the thing about piano at first I thought was BS but now I take paino, but now I see it helps a lot when you think about theory in general.
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