hello all... im just wondering if anyone here could help me out for my project in school... its actually a requirement to graduate. And, im just wondering if any of you people could help me about the topic of songwriting... please reply if u have any idea or help to give me... thanks a lot...
Ask questions, GIVE us something to help you. Thats a good start.
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Like great lyricist and why they wrote or how to write songs? Be a little more specific in you inquiry.
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yeah... that's another thing i need help for... i cant quite come up with a main and specific topic.

well, im thinking of composing a complete song with my acoustic and perform them infront of those judges. But the thing is... i don't know what i should include in my project, besides the song ive composed or going to be composing. I have been playing guitar since when i was really young (self-taught) but haven't really paid attention to music books and lyric-tips. And that's probably why i need help in completing songs.

Just to be precise again for my question... What else should i include in my project besides the song i will be composing? Should i include the techniques or other methods in writing like inspiration and others?
do you have to write a paper or something? Is it all going to be given orally to the judges?
the lesser known of the 4
well, im suppose to have a research paper. and i guess i will be putting some information about song writing in it... and that's what also troubles me. The songs i'll be playing, i really don't have any problem after i have written some descent songs and be able to play them..