Sorry if i posted this twice but i think it was in the wrong place and here is right

Hey dudes this is the first clip ill post here, its a cover of Led Zeppelin Rock&Roll, the backing track has drums and bass i think, all guitar i had to do, they are doubled, and theres no voice i cant sing at all and less like robert plant, so i hope you enjoy, and please critic my playing!!! good or bad, i want opinions!


Thanks for listening
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what is a solo?
Great job man. I loved it, everything sounded awesome.
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Im listening as I type now. Intro guitars sound nice lots of lovely overdrive. . All sounds clear no mistakes (or at least if there are your wall of overdrive hides them) that backing tracks really good too. Just listened to the bridge solo thing now sounds real nice. Oh I like the speed lick towards the end of the solo is that on the Led Zep recording I've never noticed it? Ok its just about finished that was awesome 9.5 out of 10.
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Really good cover. Everything sounded just about spot on.
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Great Cover!! The tone you had for the song matched perfectly and there was no big mistakes or even minor mistakes that i cud find amd i loved the way u did the solo...9/10
One of my Favourite Led Zep songs and you covered it really well!!! Tone is perfect nice feel to your playing! The solo was cool!!
I think the link went down so i had to edit that, the solo is improvised, just the beginning and the last lick are from the original, i dont really know it note by bote
Thanks for listening dudes!
drums arent that great, but who can match bonzo, guitar is good, try not sustaining the notes as long when the drums drop out, and try not to use as many harmonics in the solo, its sounds too metal, otherwise really good
The drums are from a backing track, so its not my fault dude!!, about the guitars and harmonics.. well i wanted to give it a modern vibe, maybe it was too metal but i loooove harmonics Nuno Bettencourt is one of my main influences and i love all the harmonices he uses in his solos so i think that was kinda of involuntary
Thanks for listening!
i'm not saying the drums were your fault, sorry if you took it that way, im just saying that no one can match bonzo, about the harmonics, thats still good that your trying new things though
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