60 days ago i bought this Fame 64RS Tube mini half-stack because i liked it and i still do.

But today it suddenly broke. When i turn it on there is no sound and when i turn it off there is a loud weird pop sound. The LED's of the channels also don't light up. I didn't do anything special with it and i am carefull with "expencive" things.

I also opend it up today and didn't found anything blown,smelling,loose or somthing. So maybe the tube is gone?

I have been following this forum for a while and there are some verry smart guys here and i was hoping that anyone could help me.
are the tubes black or a dark brown on the inside like there was a fire in them? if not, take it into your local music shop. if they can't find anything wrong with it, and if the problem doesn't fix itself, get rid of it.
no they look normal. I'll guess i will have to send it back and i hope they will send me a new one.
its weird because the on off switch led works only the channel led does not work. The tube indicator light up a small spot on the right (it was like this before too but a bit larger dot). The tube is in the pre amp
Send it back and get a new one if you can, and it probably won't be the pre-amp valve, because those last for years.

Sorry but I've just got to say, that product description is just terrible.
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