Hey bros... I just wanna ask something about Morley Tremonti Wah

How do you operate it? I mean is it like some of the wah pedals that is needed to be step on rapidly or rock it rapidly?


you just step on it without rocking the pedal?

I know its somekind of a stupid/noobie question as I have no experience with wah pedals mainly.

well you put your foot on it and as soon as you press down even just a little bit, the wah kicks in. you then rock your foot back and fourth to use it, toe down is high range, heel down is low range.
LP dude about covered it...

It's different than most wahs as it has an auto on and off....it turns on with the slightest press....most other wahs have to pressed down all the way to engage...

This is a great plus!

From there, just rock back and forth for the wah effect!