Hey guys. I just got my new Grover locking tuners from Stewmac.com. The tuners fit into their holes perfectly, but the tiny screw-holes on the back of the headstock dont line up. So now I need to make new holes. Well, its too tiny to use a drill and my "eyeglass repair kit" tiny screwdriver keeps getting bent by the torque required to make the hole.

So what am I supposed to use to make new holes?
Isn't the whole point of screws that you don't make holes, you screw them in and they make the holes....
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Yup.. but did you read my post???

I'm trying to make a new hole, but the damn screw is SO tiny that I cant get enough torque behind it to drive it into the wood.
Actually, only self tapping screws are designed to make their own hole, a lot of screws have a flat end and are designed to go into a whole already made for them. And in most cases its very benificial to drill a pilot hole when screwing something in. Assuming it is a self tapping screw (aka the end isn't flat, its pointed), you should just be able to screw it in. If the screwdriver you're using is bending it must be pretty cheap, go to a hardware store and buy a decent set of small small screwdrivers. I see sets on sale all the time for under five dollars (usually 3 philips and 3 flat screw drivers). They really should work fine. If you're still having trouble, put the tuners in, mark where the hole needs to be and use the smallest all you can find and put a small mark there. With some pressure on the end of the screwdriver as you screw it in you should be able to get the screw started, once that happens it'll go in easy.
^ yep. and they do have pin sized bits for this type of predrill situation.

go to the hardware store and pick up a dril bit small enough and check out small manual push drills while ur at it. i have one and i use it for everything.
they usually come with a set of tiny bits.

mine was cheaper and has the bits stored in the handle but to give u an idea...

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Ok thanks guys. I actually found a drill bit small enough to use. I'm just waiting for my power drill to finish charging.. then I'm gonna give it a shot.