Hi, New to this site and a beginner to guitar. Have a question that will sound pretty blunt but i don't know nobody that plays and i need help. I am still playing on a fender acoustic (Will move on to electric once i have progressed more) and a week ago i put on new strings. It sounds great except for the two strings B & G which alway makes a false buzzing sound when fingering a cord on the second fret.

I bought new strings today, but the same has happend. Am i putting them on wrong?
Is there something wrong with the guitar?

I would appreciate some advice (I undestand that its extremly remedial, but need advice never the less!)

u messed up already.

its much better to start learning on a crap electric than an acoustic
try to get a cheap electric guitar.

and most strings buzz like that when you first put them on, play them some and it should go away
They'll sound weird when you first put them on, plus, if it's a beginner guitar, it'll do that a lot.

To, breakingthegirl, it's actually better to start on an acoustic. Whatever you can play on acoustic, you can play a lot faster and better on electric, most of the time.
Thanks for the info, Its not just that they buzz, they sound complete false, but its a 100% in tune...... sounds perfect on all other fret and strings.. will wait a while and come back in a few day if that cool?
Its a just a fender, not an expensive one - i paid around £135 for it, so mabey $200.

Could it be a problem on the bridge or were the strings go through that channel before you get the neck? The strings have those coils on the end of em and the guitar has these pegs that slot in - mabey i positioned the string wrong when i put it in? Wish i can give you more info.... my playing has improved a lot as i can read the tabs pretty well, i practise/play for at least two - three hours a day but the false sound is really destroying the pleasure of it all!
To bend notes. If you bend with three fingers you automatically put more tension
on the string, which makes it harder to bend...along with creating more friction
on the board. I find it easier to use a one finger bend.