Hi guys check out my latest song,
I can't think of any category to put it in.
but i guess its kind of like trance but with traditional instruments and punkish riffs.
I called it "rain" because that is what the main melody reminds me of

the bass main riff line is two hand tapped! so it's not impossible to play lol

just listen and tell me what you think
dude that bass line is sick! i love it. i also loved the transition from the trance stuff into the punk stuff. great job man! crit mine? the thread is called "part of a rock song im doing (PTB)"
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that was pretty cool, lol, but i cant really crit anything, i liked the leads a lot, they fit well, and added to the song, instead of being leads, lol, crit mine if you get a chance, its just an idea, Remains of the Night , or any of the other ones in my sig, thanks!!!