Hey i was looking for some songs with no vocals at all, hardcore/metalcore, and two guitars preferably. If you want to know what i am looking for check out Novocain For No Reason by Nodes of Ranvier. its really sweet and quite easy actually. So does anybody know some good songs like this??
Orion, To Live Is To Die, The Call Of Ktulu- Metallica
I think Nevermore has a few instrumental songs too, not sure of the names of them though.
well i know you said metalcore but im gonna have to suggest call of ktulu simply because its class. and for metalcore, dont know what kind of metalcore you mean, but maybe ashes of the wake and some other lamb of god stuff although i hear that their stuffs pretty technical.
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Skycamefalling - To forever embrace the sun
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Between the Buried and Me - Laser Speed

its not what you are looking for probably but...its ****ing awesome.
love by odd project .. its like a piano and a guitar and really awesome.
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the truth - bleeding through or he was dead when i got there - the red chord
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Definitely check out Between the Buried and Me.

Also; Darkest Hour - Aquetis Vertunis


Every Time I Die - In the Event that Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong

The song really isnt instrumental, I mean, it's got vocals but it's more of a moaning sound. It's sort of got a Jane Doe-ish feel, which you should also check out (Converge). If you're into instrumentals with atmosphere and not just chock full of rediculous technique.
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Isn't the last track on Unearth's new CD an instrumental? It's Unearth, so it's bound to be good and fun to play.
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I know machine made god has one.
But Coroner has some great instruments on every album I think, though they are thrash.

EDIT - Worlds and dreams by Misery signals, it's a nice relaxin tune.
The Red Chord - He Was Dead When I Got There
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Kido is the name and i like to rhyme
I'll have you ladies playin with your panty line

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that may be the most ridiculous thing ive ever read (next to the bible, of course)
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Behold aren't hardcore, though who cares? I don't.

Yaphet Kotto & Planes Mistaken For Stars have some good instrumental's here and there, and same with Curl Up And Die.
maybe you like some of our band´s stuff. it´s all instrumental heading into the direction bands like khanate, 5ive or corrupted do (except for the vocals, of course...).
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Halcyon by the acacia strain. dont know if its what youre looking for though, as its acoustic...
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