In my first article, I told you the preparations needed to throw your guitar over your shoulder without killing yourself. In this article, I will tell you how to do it, and when a good time to do it might be. Be warned though, please don't overdo it.

Step one: Timing
Most songs have at least one time when you should throw your guitar around you.
Usually the best time to do this is when the song you are playing goes silent. You should then throw your guitar around you aiming to catch it when the song restarts at the point of a solo or a power chord.

A lot of thought needs to go into this technique. If you think that the song is not suitable for a guitar spin, then avoid it. Whilst playing a gig, spectators eyes will be on you and they will be judging your skills. If you miss time this technique then they may not take your playing seriously.

Step two: Getting ready.
Another important thing to consider is how ready you are. If you just spin the guitar without observing your surroundings, you could cause some serious damage to fellow band members, your equipment and furniture. Your band-mates should know that you're going to attempt a guitar spin. Discuss this with them before the gig telling them when you plan to do it, so band members can arrange where they (and their equipment) need to be. Potentially hurting somebody should be the first of your concerns. You need to make sure that your volume is switched off, or if you have a tuner with bypass, switch that on. The last thing the crowd wants to hear is the sound of your cable scratching your strings as it's not very professional. You should also be ready to start playing straight after the throw, so make sure you know exactly where your hands should be. You should also consider purchasing a strap-lock to prevent any further accidents.

Jon edit: I thought your step 3 was unnecessary.

Step three: The throw.
After you've made your final preparations, it is time for the throw.

Grab your guitar on the neck and by the bottom cut-out. Try to throw it up above you with enough force to where it will go all the way around you and not hit you on the back on the neck. At the last second, move your hips to the side so the guitar doesn?t hit you.

To throw it behind you, grab your guitar by the first cut-out and the neck, and throw it behind you while holding on to it until your arm is just about parallel to your shoulders. Make sure you throw it hard enough so that it has enough power to go all the way over you, other wise it will fall on the back of your neck. At the last second, move your stomach in just a little to avoid injury.

Flying guitars are dangerous, so this moving is very important to avoid bruising or even cuts. You should be prepared to catch the guitar as well.

Step four: The aftermath.
After you've completed the spin, make sure all cables are out of the way and continue with the song. Although this move takes two articles worth of reading for preparations, it will problably last close to three seconds. You should try and show confidence in your actions otherwise you won't succeed and hurt yourself or show yourself up. Remember though, practise makes perfect in this techique and should not be attempted if you've never tried it before.

Ahh i forgot about the other thread, thanks so much for editing it j0nmcc.
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throwing your guitar is gay, i saw a band do basically the whole song, god that was horrible, and another the guy couldn't do it and he threw it 20 feet into the air, losers
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throwing your guitar is gay, i saw a band do basically the whole song, god that was horrible, and another the guy couldn't do it and he threw it 20 feet into the air, losers


throwing guitar around the neck is way too punkish, my ex thinks only good guitarrist can do that, yeah i tried to explain her but i was wrong she was "so right"

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You shouldn't just "throw it into the air really hard and hope for the best." There actually is a technique behind this that you're overlooking. You have to not just throw your guitar up, but also throw it over your shoulder. The best way to do that is not by holding the neck and the cutaway, but by grabbing the neck and the tail end of your guitar to actually give it a spin.
throwing your guitar is gay, i saw a band do basically the whole song, god that was horrible, and another the guy couldn't do it and he threw it 20 feet into the air, losers

It looks awesome if it's done properly. Glad it finally got finished, will try it soon...
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