Well just recently heard that tube amps are not meant to be moved around alot and that the tubes will break very easily from moving it around and that they are really only meant for recording. Is there any truth to this because I know they give a better sound out but are they made to be moved around to band practice, shows, and stuff?
If you throw them out of a window they're going to break.

If you aren't an idiot, they won't break.
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Okay explain this...

Tube amps designed for professionals in mind, they have to go to different venues. Different venues means lots of moving.
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If you throw it into your car and kick it at practices and generally abuse it, they'll break

if you treat it like you would treat anything you like, they'll only need replacing when they need it
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just use common sense. Vaccum tubes are the same thing as a light bulb really. Just allow it some time to cool down before you move it around, and realize when you're throwing it around, that it would be the same thing as having lightbulbs in your amp. As long as they aren't getting banged into stuff all the time and the amp tossed around, you should be fine.
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