Heres my cover of one of my favourite floyd songs.

I know its easy to play but anyway, enjoy.


Crit aswell if you would be so kind
beautiful acoustic work, the guitar not doing the arppegios could be a tiny bit louder
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****. Could you give some advice on how to play this? I LOVE this song, and have been wanting to have a go at it for a while.
Very Nice dude very nice. Few people play this song properly, but im glad to say that you do.

For a high school project, we played the complete "Wall" album. Big massive ordeal with loads of musicians contributing. I played electric lead pretty much throughout, but i played this too. One of the things i would suggest......even though your playing is spot on......try to get a violinist, or a keyboard player to play the "violin" parts.

It just adds a whole new dimension to the song, plus its great to play with a musician thats not a guitarist/bass/drums etc......

Good work man. Ive got lots of floyd stuff all over this forum. Give em a listen if you want. Easy Bro
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