dont laugh, i haven't done this yet but its all i can think of for now
well my dilema is that my strap broke onetime and i wasn't paying attention and dropped my guitar right on the ground, hitting the output jack. it still worked fine and i had no problems with it. Over time my jack became very lose and had trouble staying in so today while i was at radio shack i finally decided to replace my output jack with a new one, well i got that all in and stuff and then i realised that i can not get my cover off of my old jack, it's so bent that it just wont come off no matter what i do. I plan on hopefully getting someone to cut the inside of it off, but i dont go back to school till next week and i want to play now.

would it be ok to just tape the jack to my guitar (in the hole) using electrical tape for now? i know it might be tough putting the cable in and out but...is it ok?
As long as you don't move around or pull it in any way whatsoever, it will be fine for a temp. And don't worry - the best guitarist's best guitar is one that's been worn. I like the ghetto look. Just fix it as soon as possible.

Best idea would just be to play an acoustic guitar until then. It's always good practice.
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haha i messed with it and found a boatload of washers...so i put the one with the jack on the bottom then gradually used bigger washers and taped a bigger washer to the guitar, and then wrapped some tape around the outside of the jack and then taped that to the guitar.

it really looks ghetto with all the paint scrapes down there and the stickers, dont worry it's a 150 dollar Ibanez guitar but i love her
Good man. You don't need an expensive guitar to have a beautiful guitar. Nobody in their right mind should get rid of their first guitar. You gotta admit, the ghetto look makes you feel a bit more professional, doesn't it? =]
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."