ok, im in a bit of a rut, i was certain that I wanted the Carvin SX300, but sifting through sites, im not sure anymore, so i need help,
would I be better off, keeping my Behringer GMX212 , or is the Carvin really worth the money,

the equipment i use is my Jem7v, going to a Metal Zone and then to the amp, i really despise the distortion on the behringer, i cant even crank up the volume or itll start buzzing and makeing useless noise, which is why i use the Metal Zone

so should i keep my behringer, or buy the carvin (if i buy the carvin, i need to sell the berhinger for money) or is there anything that around the $500 area that can blow both of these away

i like using alot of highs and mids, where as when i change to a different setting for soloing, i like to use lows and mids, alot of the tones I try to match with are, Trivium, Metallica, Pantera, Testament (with Alex), and Jason Becker

any advice will help, thx in advance to anyone that can assist me
personally i also own the same behringer amp and find the distortion to be great.....but then again i play mostly death metal and metalcore so i usually go for the low tone. the only problem i have is shaking from bass when the masters on 10 and your channel is over7. now i dont know about the carvin but you can find some cheap marshall head and cab on musicians friend for about 600....and by the way most people who have these and play with higher tones complain about the feedback when its loud. ok well i'll give you my settings for most of the metal i play and if it doesnt work for you or still hate it do yourself a favor and get rid of it

mode hot
master-whatever for the volume you want
the buzzing could be from vibrations so if you could cushin the bottom or sumthing it wont be as bad. or get an amp combo stand and prop it on there. it works for me hope this helps.......
An used Peavey 5150.
Or a Roland Cube 60.
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Since you have Jem why not try and get a Legacy 1/2 stack....their pretty cheap on Ebay.