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Led Zeppelin III
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Zoso (A.K.A. Led Zeppelin IV)
2 100%
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Hey, i got 4 led zeppelin cds - Led Zep II, Houses Of The Holy, In Through The Out Door, and Latter Days.

I got enough money for two cds, and i know im getting Led Zep I, and i was wondering, should i get Led Zep III or Zoso??
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The Only Zeppelin Thread is stickied at the top of the page for a reason.


Don't get either. Buy Physical Graffitti instead.

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Led Zep1 is amazing...good thing your getting that. I'd say get Led Zep III, unless you dont have a radio, in which case get Zoso. Chances are youve heard most of the songs on Zoso, but its still a great CD to pick up later on.

Good tracks on Zep III -
Immigrant Song
Celebration Day
Since I've been loving you(One of my favorite zep songs...check out the zep DVD for this live...its mindblowing)
Gallows Pole
That's The Way(some of my favorite Plant lyrics)

Most all of the other tracks are strong also

Although, if you have the money, I'd highly recommend BBC Sessions...its a great 2 disc collection that has some amazing music on it. It's incredible how much they change their songs sometimes, and how much improvisation is in it.