Okay so i am thinking about purchasing thisPA system in the near future. I've always had a question, though... Do you plug your guitar directly into the line-in on the power amp? Or do you go from your regular amp to the power line-in? And i only have a 30 watt amp, would this system boost the wattage or would it still remain 30 watts? I just need things cleared up...
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On your GUITAR AMP there should be some kind of line out or FX out. From there you plug into any input on the PA mixer/amp. Just remember dont send POWER to the PA mixer/amp...just signal. Basically dont go from "Speaker Out" to the PA mixer/amp.

If you plug your guitar straight into the PA system the wattage would be however many watts the PA mixer/amp is. If you use your guitar amp as a pre-amp and go from it to the PA mixer/amp youre still using the PA amp's wattage for power.
Alrighty, thanks a lot man.
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We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.
if u dont have a line out u need a di box
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That PA could handle vocals and an acoustic guitar in a small room at best. You are going to need more power if you are going to get into micing your electric guitar amp and putting anything else through it.

And if you dont have a line out you just stick a mic in front of the speaker. Even if you do have a line out a mic in front of the speaker is still a good way of doing it.
ehh..you might want to look into a better mixer, you might be better off saving up some more and going for one of those packs they have on musicians friend with more stuff, like what this guy said

"igh/mid/low dials, just one tone dial. Sometimes not sufficient, and forces you to adjust the EQ levels, or toggle with on recording program. -Though the sound effects are reliable and a good feature, four of them are very similar [small/large hall and small/large room]. I would've been more satisfied with a wa/phaser than four ambiance creating options. -The included speakers are NOT high quality. Both of mine have broken within a year. Just not good quality. They work well if they work, though not huge sound capacity, but work well as stage amps if you've got some more powerful amps supporting them. I've been able to get six amps hooked up through the outputs, all sounding clean and strong. Not aweful, but do not meet my standards. Insufficient for live shows, decent for jamming/ recording. -----"

not having the eq dials will kill you, trust me
as well as for only a little more you can get a pack suitable for larger venues, i think you can do better tho