This my first attempt at multitracking. I used my Tascam US122, my SG Special
and Cubase LE to record it, but it sounds like it got flattened when I uploaded it to myspace(I don't have anywhere else to upload it to). This is like the third thing I've ever recorded so I don't really know what I'm doing, but I thought it sounded nice, though it ends kinda weak and has it's not so great moments. So tell me what you think. be critical, I'm a man.

sounds really classic, i like the little lead fills

it does sound flat though

not sure if i like the chord progression that much

overall, for like the 3rd thing recorded, its pretty good

crit mine?
Yeah .. your doing well getting in to the recording. The lead is recorded nicely but the rhytham is dull and sounds like it's clipping more than its being overdriven. The progression does jump around quite a lot but i didn't mind that and actually enjoyed the aparent randomness in places.

Keep at it mate, definately doing well.

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