I've started a band and I'm not sure how to approach writing the basslines to the songs...I was wondering how the Root note works and If its necessary to incorporate different keys into your music

Help would be much appreciated
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The root note works because if you are playing a C chord on guitar and then a C on bass, it'll sound stronger because the bass is kind of "enforcing" the sound.

Different keys obviously sound different, and add different feels to your music, so it would be good to not write in the same exact key every time. Then again, many many songs can be written in just one key.
if you want to, you can learn every song in the same 3 or 4 keys, and it'll work just fine if you're playing alone.
practice songs in other keys too, because if you're playing with a
--singer, you will have to change keys to accomodate the singer's range
--horn or woodwind player, a lot of horn and woodwind music is in Bb, Eb, or F, keys usually avoided by guitar players (i know you're not a guitar player, but odds are you play with some)