Ok so I have a strat and I'm getting it fixed up but at the shop I go to there is a really nice Epiphone SG and the guy does trade ins. My strat isn't actually a Fender even tho that's what I was told it was. I need some opinions, should I trade it for the SG or keep it?
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what kind of music do you play? IMO, the single coils work better for blues and clean stuff, while humbuckers usually work better for classic rock and higher gain applications. Play it and decide which feels better in your hands.
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amp clips
amp vids
which epiphone is it
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WELL, considering you play punk (assuming) then get the SG....
what model is it
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ive been thinking about getting these two guitars
but a gibson and a fender

i would say try it out, see what feels better, and what sounds best with your style of music
Really is all to do with your style both are great guitars. I don't know why people hate Gibson or Fender, and worship the other. They have two extreamely distinct sounds.
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If your strat is a copy, trade it in. The Epi SG is great.
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I have a Washburn Strat-copy and I love it.

It all depends on what sound you want. Because, if you love the Strat-copy's sound, it's your choice to keep it.. or go with the foreign, unfamiliar to your ear sound of an Epi SG.

I have both and for the heavier music that I play I use the Epiphone SG.

For the blues, Red Hot Chili Peppers, lighter music that I play I use my Washburn Strat copy.

I absolutely love BOTH guitars.
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what model strat.

what model sg. (yes there are ****ty ones.)

what's the price?
what music do u play. like said humbuckers vs single coils here.

what amp are u using?

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looking by your favorite bands in your profile, definatly an SG, more your style especally with the humbuckers
without thinking... the SG
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defanately the sg, especially if the strat isn't even a fender.

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