I have a bc rich warlock. looking for pickups for it obviously for metal. i was going to get emg's but i really don't want to have to change out the batterys. i was wondering what other pickups that are not active pickups but can still get that high gain metal tone i'm looking for. thanks.
batteries last for like a year at a time, but that doesnt mean im reccomending the EMGs
i have a duncan invader and the output is almost as high as EMGs, and its a passive pickup
i use it with full on distortion and its great, very loud too
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check out dimarzio.

and to the guy above me, batteries do not last a year, they last a few months at best.
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check out dimarzio.

and to the guy above me, batteries do not last a year, they last a few months at best.

well they are SUPPOSED to last 3000 hours
do you leave your guitar plugged in when not playing?
you would have to literally play 24 hours a day for batteries to last around 3 months....
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I just bought a Bare Knuckle for my Jackson that I built. It is so freaking obnoxious its unbelievable. The only problem is that I can't play on a clean channel with it. The output is so high it sill distorts. I just switch to the other single coils. But if you want a real ballsy humbucker, check these out. Alot of the whose who out there are changing out their p90's for these. in fact they make a version of the p90
^woah thats sounds cool, a guitar pickup thats so high output you can barely even use the lcean channel! how much did it cost?
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check out dimarzio.

and to the guy above me, batteries do not last a year, they last a few months at best.

that's not true man, they last more than a few months if you take care of them, and don't leave the guitar cable plugged into the guitar when you aren't using it. Mine last at least 6months playing every day a few hours.
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About the Bare Knuckle. I think it was around 200-250, but they are hand wound and made in the UK. The key is hand scatter wound. Check them out @ bareknucklepickups.co.uk
I own the Nailbomb. probably the nastiest one also very forgiving as far as hiding imperfections
Maybe an X2N or a Dimebucker?

I don't have experience with the X2n but the dimebucker sounded orgasmic.

What kind of amp do you have though? I was playing through a JSX

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What amp do you use?
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What kind of amp do you have and what series BC rich is it?

Nailbombs aren't the highest output BKs. A warpig or miracle man is higher output.

They must be absolutely mental :/
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I bought mine from a buddy of mine that works at solid body guitars inc in Mounds View Minn. near the twin cities. They deal with high end vintage guitars and amps. Very cool store if you got the $$$. Check the website solidbodyguitars.com. and just check out there inventory, pretty impressive.
Whatever you do, DONT GET A DIMEBUCKER!!

Honestly, they'e the worst pickups I've ever played. Muddy, boring, flat...
I got a question about pickups also, is the seymour duncan SH-4 JP Humbuck ,//www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-SH4-JB-Humbucker-Pickup?sku=300035. or the Dimarzio Evo Pickup http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-DP215-Evo-2-Bridge-Pickup?sku=309390

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Don't get a Dimebucker or an SH-8 Invader, both horrid pickups. A Dimarzio X2N would sound great tho, unless your using a ****ty guitar.
well i looked at my guitar and its a basswood body and maple neck, and bolt on neck.