For a list price(per the store's tag) of $2k difference, I certainly didn't hear $2k worth more in sound. I'm certainly a beginner, but the salesman claimed to notice a big difference. He mentioned it would take $300-400 in upgrades to get the Epi even close to the Gibson, so I guess that leaves me to question why I'd spend that much more on the Gibson.

As a side note, I mentioned how I had read on here the quality on the new Epi's are much lower today than they were a few years ago. He said he feels the opposite.

Would I be better off getting a 10 year old Epi or a brand new one?
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just find one that plays well and get it, dont worry about the year it was made.
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get a new Epi.
As for the Gibson thing, you spend more because you get a better constucted guitar with higher quality woods and electrioncs and you have the Gibson logo in the headstock which is probably about $1000 on the price. lol
If the Gibson logo on the headstock is about $1000 of the price, why are there Gibsons under $1000? (rolls eyes)
get a new amp.

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If the Gibson logo on the headstock is about $1000 of the price, why are there Gibsons under $1000? (rolls eyes)

so little punk wannabes can afford a guitar that all their friends will think is cool

The reason Gibsons are so much more expensive is because Gibsons are generally of better quality than Epiphone, i.e. woods, electronics, etc. A lot of the cost of Gibsons comes from the quality of their cosmetics as well; i think Gibson pays a lot more attention to detail than Epiphone does. Of course some of the extra cost comes from the Gibson logo, but it certainly doesn't make up the entire extra $1000...

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