First of all i wanted to ask about improvised soloing, im rubbish at it and wondering how to improve...ive been looking and learning all the notes on the guitar and seeing where octaves end and start...Im also goin to learn some scales, hopefully this will help me improve. Do you have any tips?

I play guitar and my cousin plays piano...i need a bassist and a drummer??? Where to find them in my area though!!! its a pain, im sick of asking around, what should i do?

Also what amps are the best vox or marshall, give me your opinion? My weapon of choice, if it matters is a yamaha pacifica (and yes im aware it needs upgrading)

Finally when i have the bassist and drummer together should we practice covers first then try writing, or dive right into creating are own stuff/sound?!!

Sorry if its alot to ask

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Look maybe in the personal adds for local musicians, strike up conversations with people in a music store, make your friends learn...

Vox does low-gain good, Marshall does high-gain good, Fender does clean good. Choose based on your preference of sound. It's all preference, though. Each amp will have it's own personality, but these are general guidelines I hear a lot.

Cover songs will get you cheers from an audience and are good inspiration/practice. Writing your own songs will help you develope your musical skills in ways that copying others never will. Also, doubtful you could get a record deal just doing covers.
The minor pentonic scale's always good for improv solos. It's a little over-used but it's hard to make it sound bad.

Maybe persuade your cousin into playing bass instead? I'm not saying that a piano player is neccesarily bad, but a bassist is a lot more important. I'm not too sure about a drummer.

Well it depends on your price range and what you play. None of the low-end Marshalls are good. The low-end Voxes however are very good. I'd go ask over at GG&A about the amp.

Probably a bit of both. Just jamming some wouldn't hurt either.
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to find a band you just have to ask around.

and about the amps. every brand of amp has its own voice/style to it. vox is good for low gain classic rock stuff. marshalls are for high gain more hard rock/metal. fender are good clean amps good for blues and rock. im not gonna run through everything. but just a couple of more pricy brands. diezels are great for just about anything. soldano is the same way. VHT are great for classic rock/hard rock/ metal.

so choose from there.
estimated prices.

vox- 100-1000+
marshall- 500-2000+
fender- 100- 1500+
Peavey- 300- 2000+
diezel- 2000-5000+
soldano- 1000-4000+
VHT- 1500-5000+

these estimates are not including cabs. add add anywhere from 400-800to the prices for the cabs only for the top 4. for the bottom 3 add about 800-1300 for cabs