Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone that ill be playing on my shool in october

we will cover Dani california (ill show off, and imitate flea, yeah!!)

then another band will play miss murder from AFI

and we will unite both band to play all the small things( you dont need to much people for that but the sh*t is to play and have a good time...i always played drums in school for the past 2 years and finally i will show people i can put on the groove

if anybody have a suggestion about tips about playing in front of p0ople like that ill be pleasured to read them

its cool to play on skull....last year i almost get girl for playing..lets see this year....since is a catholic school u cant do much.....thnx
Wait are you playing drums or bass? Anyway, just make it look easy and fun, interact with the audiance and they'll dig you. Be confident. Good Luck!
erm...no offense, but we should wish you luck in October, but enjoy practicing, and have fun acting like Flea, the guys effin crazy.
Well, keep focused and dont go crazy and do jumps or whatever trying to imitate whoever
cause you'll mess up
keep with the song and you'll be fine
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Just have a good time!

When I played my first gig I was really nervous, and didn't make the most of my time on stage...when we had finished our set, I wanted to go back on stage and play for another half an hour...!

same! seriously, make the most of it, go mad, go wild, kill a few people. it's all fun
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same! seriously, make the most of it, go mad, go wild, kill a few people. it's all fun

The most important thing, is that you kill people.

Or have fun, i dont know.
its my first time mplaying bass in front of people....i have played before in drums...fells better there..i think...but FLEA will be with me
Whath ill find disapointing is that the audience are spanish taking, like me, and they may not understand the song but since is a good song they may even dance to it....they dance to daddy yankee...so wtf!(i hate that bastard and heis puertorican like me...he just think he is a pimp but he suks....and swallow
When you get up there on stage...and you see all the people watching on.

You grab your bass and you make love to it.
well...not really. Just do your best and have fun at the same time.