I am about to buy a Fender Mexican Strat from my friend, but am not sure if I should replace the bridge pickup with one of those single-coil-looking humbuckers to get a fuller sound. I play classic rock (whatever that means, its a very broad genre IMO), would like to get a David Gilmour esque smooth sound sometimes but want to be able to crunch a bit when need be. Is the strat already versatile enough?

And I know it's personal preference; I want to hear you guys's personal preferences
you aint ganna get the gilmour sound unless you get his like 300 doller EMG set....
but yea drop one of the SD stacked bridges so you can get a fatter sound for sure
if you wanted that get a fat strat instead of screwing up a good standard
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I have a hot rails in the neck of one of my strats and I really like the tone. It can get really crunchy but then settle down for some nice warm, smooth clean tones. Or if the guitar is routed for it, put a full size humbucker in the bridge. You can a SSH pickguard relatively cheap.