What's the origin of the saying "Metal up your ass!" and what does it mean? I know, this is a really really dumb noob question, and I apologize.
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kill em all was almost named metal up your ass but they didnt call it that but the slogans on a bunch of their older shirts
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Metallica's album "kill em' all" was gonna be titled that but something about the producers didn't let them have it like that or something so Cliff Burton was all like "Ahh, kill em' all".

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The original title of Kill Em All was "Metal Up Your Ass"... but the record exec's didn't like it, and most retailers said they wouldnt stock it.

As the stories goes, Cliff said something along the lines of "Ahhh those fvcken' record execs! Should fvckun' kill em all!"

So that's the origins of the "Kill em All" title.

Metallica had a bunch of Metal Up Your Ass t shirts made up originally, there are some pictures here www.ilikethat.com/metallica under the 82-83 section i believe. It was like their band motto I guess... They never had an Eddie or a Vic Rattlehead... they just had "Metal Up Your Ass" and "Alcoholica"
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I have a " metal up your ass" shirt. My grandma got it for me.

It was the original name for Kill 'Em All.

hahah, your grandma got it for you?! Thats fvckin hilarious!
It sounds like a reference to a silver dildo.
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