Im looking for a new amp to upgrade from my crappy spider II I got 700$ and was hoping for some suggestions on a great amp for hard rock and blues. I was thinking a marshall MG250DFX but I heard they suk. My band plays alot of gnr covers so in looking for that sound if you no what I mean feedback is appreciated
Peavey 5150 4x12 cab.

Good sound. Goes really well with a Peavey Transtube Supreme (head of course lol)

It'll give you GNR sound plus everything else.
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does the answer to everything have to be 5150/6505?

Frankly that amp is way too dark, and the low gain is nowhere near slash's sound. Maybe if you plan on doing the new "Axl Rose and company GnR" but not Guns N' Roses.
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Buy either a Marshall JCM800 (or 900) or a TSL or DSL.
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^ yup pretty much.

Dont mind the Peavey 'Transtube' Supreme post either. That amp is horible.
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Basically to sum these last posts up, look into a Marshall Tube amp lol.
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