Ok, bare with me coz I'm a little new here :-P my last post got thwarted because i had linked too many songs. I've since found the rules about 2 a week (should really be a sticky to avoid confusion) so here's my second.

It's called Simple Things and is basically about how things that seem simple aren't always as straight forward as they appear. It's recorded by us in our rehearsal room so crits on anything from song structure, composition to recording quality are all welcome.

Will definately crit 4 crit.

The song is at http://trandantic.dmusic.com/

I really hope i've followed all the rules. If i've done something wrong can someone please msg me so I can make the appropriate changes. I've seen lots of people linking to dmusic so i hope this is ok. If not can someone suggest a better option? Ta

Thanks for your patience
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Well I definitely enjoyed this man. You guys got talent! Really catchy and the recording was well done too.

I wouldnt mind you telling me what you think of my band.
recording isnt as good but its good enough
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Yaya man, that was awesome i thought. The recording was real good too. Good Job.
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I think it sounds nice. It sounds like it'd be better if different parts of the vocal track were mixed differently to go with what's behind it, but it's really not my call because it still sounds good and I don't know exactly what you were going for. It sounds like it's lacking that something that makes me want to listen to it over and over and over again, but it's close to giving me that feeling. But other than the lack of ultra catchieness that's usually only apparent in hit songs, it really kicks ass. Good ****in job man.
i liked it, you need to mix the vocals a little louder when the intruments get loud though, the singer is getting over powered, but otherwise really good, good quality, vocal key and general sound

Got a question for ya, how did you record the drums? do you have a bunch of drum mics, or do u use condendsers or what, are u putting reverb on them or is that just the way your place the mics?
and for the vocals, what kind of mic, and are u using any effects (even mildly), and how close to the mic do you sing, I really like the sound of the vocals, I want my sound to be like that
Ok .. for the drums, there's 1 mic for the snare, one for the bass and one for toms and symbols, they're all dynamic mics I'm not sure of the exact models but I could find out. There's also a condenser overhead mic. The guitars are miced up with Shure Beta 57a's and vocals with SM58. All these go in to some protools hardware connected to the PC, running, of course, Pro-tools. We're lucky our singers brother actually owns the protools setup.

I'm pretty sure a touch of reverb was added to the tracks after recording to give a bit more body. Took a fir bit of experimenting with angles and placement to get a nice sound but overall we're happy with it now

Drums were recorded to a metronome and guide guitar (through headphones of course). Then the guitar tracks were layed down over the drums, and finally the vocals.

It's just practice.. Our singer has a fetish for recording, lol, so has recorded a lot of stuff. One thing we need to work on is bringing the vocals up. They're always mixed too low.

Was going to pst this to you but thought others could benefit from it. The most expensive mic is the condenser at about $600UAUS

Edit: Regarding the vocals.. They're running out of the Mic in to my Presonus TubePre and from the TubePre in to the Presonus Comp16 then in to the mixer. That tube preamp and compresser really add to the vocals and well worth the investment.
1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Mexican Fender Telecaster
Marshall JCM900, 1960a Quad
Boss EQ-7, CS-3, TU-2, DS-1, DD-3, TR-2
Ibanez TS-9, Presonus TubePre/Comp16
Crit as I listen....

Not my type of music, Nice record quality, beats my guitar direct into the PC to Audacity, then track over with mic direct into PC. Nice quality.

The vocals appear to need a pop filter... I hear some wisps and pops. The guitar sounds clean... the jammin part at about 1:10 the mix on the vox was low.. may want to turn that up....

Nice job! The outro was a bit cheesy, but overall real good stuff. I think with some good songs like this, you could make a professional CD and get promoted.
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oo, i like how its progressively building up, vocals are really good, amazing quality too

chorous isnt like, get stuck in your head good, but it fits in really nicely
Yes, this is very good. Love the atmosphere here. Good vox and instrumentation.

Twas a bit too simple for progressive rock though. Good job!
I like the guitar in the intro, the bass is okay, and the drums to good for it. The vox sound pretty good, fit well with the mood. The guitar seems a little quiet though and out of place at some parts. I love the progression though, the chorus is very weill done. I like it, the quality is decent and the tracks seem to blend well together, keep up the good work!
Intro building up nicely. Strong chorus bit.

The little clean guitar parts are nice; I like parts that are good but aren't overbearing.

I like the outro, but it seemed to end a bit suddenly. Maybe hit the last note with a light hit on a cymbal, just to let it ring out for a bit?

Overall nice job, seems pretty catchy.
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the first thing i always notice is recording quality, and i think this is great...the drum beat is a good driving beat in the background, and the vocals are top notch, especially with the overdubbing and bits of harmony....the guitar is great too but just a bit too treble-y for me.....i think bass could be mixed in a bit better too, but that stuff is minute to the overall picture, which is.....GREAT STUFF....you got something good going here for sure, the melody is pretty catchy, sung well and performed nearly flawlessly....good job, and thanks for the crit!
You critted me, I crit you.

This is cool, I like. What's your band name? And are you playing arppegios or just notes of no chord?
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that sounds awesome, i relle like it,good song and recording,you guys r good....
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Wow, this is damn good quality! The recording's very tight, and the vox and backing are spot on. You sound a little like a rockier Incubus, it's really good!

Very well produced, very good song. Good luck in the future!