Hey everyone new to the forums.. i recently acquired a Hondo (i know I KNOW it's not good but listen..) FLYING V BASS!!!! i don't know if this is considered a rare instrument or not. I did some trading for it and overall am really glad i did. It has a P style pickup congifuration (with white covers and white knobs on a metallic-ish lake placid blue style finish) IT has really good sound it's a little heavy but i expected that. 4 String fender style (well hondo's fenderish style headstock) headstock original hardshell case to boot. I'm posting about it cause frankly i want to know what i have on my hands. THe model to be precise is a Deluxe Series 860. I can't find any information on this at all. I've owned a few Hondo's in my life and don't expect much value or much playability out of them. But this hondo i felt was unique in that it was a Flying V Bass. Other than epiphone, older gibsons, and the occasional Kramer, Stagg, Dean makes one i guess.. i though this instrument's style was somewhat rare. If anyone could give me anymore information on it.. it's value it's rarity anything. Just wondering if this is something i should try selling or something i'll keep around for kicks. Thanks for any and all help!
I want one, just gotta learn bass first
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Post some pics.
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i can take comparison pictures tomorrow to my Ibanez SR485 but its not small. At all. It's quite large in fact. Well large IMO.
i think it's heavier than most basses but im not sure if thats because of the wood or because of the shape.. the V doesn't seem very balanced compared to other guitar and bass shapes.
Correct, Flying V and awkward shaped guitars usually are very off balance, Get a nice grippy strap.

The old Hondos used to allways make shapes like these. They were pretty cheap. Nearly Allways made out of plywood. half decent electronics. Nothing to write home about, They are worth about $140 Second hand.

Its nothing special.
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It just looks like one of those cheap knock-off instrumemts, but happens to play well.

If you can't find anything about it, chances are it's not desirable, so just keep it to noodle around with.

Doesn't look very attractive either IMO.
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dammit i love flying v shaped basses (though i dont liek the colour on that one) just need some money to get one now.....and to find one i like
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That is a sweet design, I love the rounded V (not the sharp ones or Rhodes), especially on a bass. Anyone know where I can get a V bass body, I can't find one anywhere, even Warmoth.
Hondo=low quality instruments, sorry, I had to say it.

After saying that, I must say I like the color, it's funky. And I've never seen or heard of Hondo Flying V basses, then again I haven't exactly been living long enough to really know about old school basses. If you really want a higher-quality V I think Epiphone makes them, check our their website, or order a custom from Warmoth if you can spare an arm and a leg.
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