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This is my band Echo Ridge. We have re-recorded our new songs, with bass but still without vocals yet. These are not the final verssions of the songs and the soloes are just improvised and are not the final ones.

If you've voted on previous polls please listen again, it'll sound much better not that we've took our time and recorded some bass.

You can find the songs Here

Any CONSTRUCTIVE critisism is welcomed and appreciated.
And also please Vote!

UPDATE:As you can see this is part 2B, because these are not final recordings. The final thread (part 3, duhr) will be posted once we find time to record (yes they have lyrics too them now). Apart from these we also have roughly about 4 other new songs that are this style.

Hope you enjor the tunes and check out the shows.

UPDATE: As of now we have 7 new songs to be recorded. Two from the purevolume (Creeping SH) and 5 new ones. Only 4 of the 7 have lyrics at the moment but hopefully the'll be done in time. We will be recording most likely sometime by the end of the month, vocals and all.
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your song creeping in the intro i like the riff but i think it could be played more smoothly and it would also be better timing there are some notes chords played that when you listen to them you can anticipate the movement of the song based on the rythym and some end to late or to early. i think it has potential but it could be played alot more smoothly but i really like the riff
it kind of sounds a little forced but you guys have a catchy riff on creeping. are your guitars in standard, metal tuneing, or Droped D
standard. Its can see why is sounds kida forced because the 3/4 of the riff is just based around E and its fith but I was playing it kinda sloppy so it was just E and then a E powerchord. Didn't think anyone would notice lol.
i like creeping. i think it would sound a lot more complete with vocals over it and people wouldn't notice the "forced" sound. whatever that means.
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Creeping is very good, nice riff, very catchy. Does it have a phaser or am I imagining it? Some vocals would be nice.

The intro on SH could be a bit cleaner, and the drums could be a bit faster, not a lot but a bit, slow drums = slow riff down, it's a speedy riff.

Green reminds me of Master of Puppets a bit on the intro, and the guitar part is very repetitive, or at least that's how I see it.

The drums on BS are a bit too fast, but it's a nice song overall.

So a Good for you

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Lol ya at the start of green that was master of puppets, i was just fooling around. But thankyou for your comments.
I think it sounds pretty good. It's all got a sort of rolling powerful drum beat that I like. And the guitar is all solid and I like the effects and everything on the guitar. It sounds good.

I'd watch you guys at a small local show, but I don't know much past that. I think vocals would definitely help.
I am the first one who voted you great because I could listen to Creeping all day long!
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Thanks for the comments, this is going much better than the last songs we posted.
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u guys r f'n sic....my favorite 1 was SH cuz it had a Maiden vibe 2 it

Thanks! Didn't think we had a maiden thing going, but I guess thats a good thing.
yo, you need a singer, and a better one than you got, cause she just dont fit with kinda music that
Ya there wasn't any vocals but we do have a vocalist. Hopefully we will soon record some stuff with vocals.
Good stuff man! It's really easy to listen to and it mixes in alot of classic rock elements with a newer kind of feel with the drums. Good Job. and Thanks for the crit on my band. Glad you liked it
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i dont like it all

Um, ok

At the top of the thread it says constructive critisism.
Sounds cool!
But I have to say that this music that needs vocals and you've got to record the songs again because it sounds like recorded with a microphone in a Bandroom (we aren't better!)!!

But an other Question:
How to get so much people for rating your songs?
If you answer, I'd be happy!

Creeper has a cool riff, but try holding the chords for longer, maybe that will get rid of the forced feeling.

Green... why the hell does it have Master of Puppets in the intro? Get rid of that, and it's alright

Your stuff is pretty good, but it sounds repetive, probably because of all of the power chords. Learn some new chords if you haven't and try to implement them.
I liked Creeping... very catchy... but guitar could have been louder... oh and yeh... some vocals would be really good
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Thanks guys this is really great, last time we didn't get any positive or constructive feedback, but this is great!
We're gonna be playing at a few coffee houses in the upcoming months, if anyone would like info check the site.

Also we will have some new recordings up as soon as possible.
Thats pretty sweet dude, though maybe try mixing in some single notes into your riffs, I know you've got some, but it still sounds pretty power-chordy.

Anyways, keep goin, it's enjoyable music

If you've got time please crit mine, just pm me what you think or find the thread I started, the link is in my sig.
Thanks thats actually one of the first good suggestion we've had.

I'll check your band out BTW.
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You guys sound cool.... but i should be recorded. lol

Lol allan is that you?
sh was ur best track (in my opinion)

u guys have a shot at it, but u need to play with more fluid guitar strokes and drum beats should be slightly altered

nice band though
Thanks, I agree the guitar is abit sloppy, when we record the final versions of these songs it should be better
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