I'm looking for a book on Music Theory. I've looked in various places online that explain Music Theory for free, and I'm always finding myself completely lost and have no idea what the hell the person who wrote it is trying to say. I saw something on amazon called "The Idiot's Guide To Music Theory" or something like that. Alot of the reviews says it's really good and newcomers can actually understand it. Any opinions?

Another thing is, I'd like to also find out how I can apply my knowledge of Music Theory to guitar...so keep that in mind as you read this.
well.. id say to apply music theory to your guitar you need to learn intimately the notes of all the frets on the fretboard and obviously learn your scales! i recommend the CAGED system for that like.. im sure youve heard of it.. as far as i know its used by most if not all guitarists!!

to do with your book im not sure like.. im just goin to college to learn music theory and the like, i always find it better having someone to ask if you get stuck.. so maybe investing in a music theory tutor for a short while, to get you started or whatever !!
i got this from the library and it is a really good book so far... i know alot of basic theory and i know alot of the stuff in the first half of the book so its a little boring but it is theory... i would get it... if you have a library nearby try to find out if they have it and check it out... and then buy it if you like it... im prolly gunna buy it eventually
The book sounds like a good idea for a basis in music theory. I'd do it. Then you can move on to more complicated studies.
I'll probably ask my cousin about Music Theory if I get stuck or something..He plays piano. o_o so music theory is kind of a must for him.
The Idiot's Guide to Music Theory, definitely. Bought it a week ago... only read the intro though, but other studies have been in the way - from what I've read, it's extremely easy to understand.
Elementary Rudiments of Music - Barbara Wharram

I've been working through this book lately. It looks like it gets pretty damn complex and has a ton of excercises.
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