Im allways afraid of being a little too influcenced and i think this might be pushing the limits. I got this idea from a short story i read, so its not like a stole anything, but is it too james hetfield/metallica?

Broke Free, I'll Be
What do you see in me
Shed Light, Break Black
Blame me for everything you lack

Forget your lies, forget your fears
Forget your lives, forget your tears


basicly thats it, ive just been adding different variations for a second and third verse and such but yea. . . I keep thinking havester of sorrow. . . and i dont want to feel like i stole anything.
this isn't bad... a few things I want to point out... First, the mod's don't want you posting questions as the title to your thread. Second, I don't think it really matters how much it comes of as metallica-styled. I mean, Kurt Cobain intentionally tried to write a beetles song (about a girl), and it was a great song. No matter what you write, it's going to be similar to something else in one way or another... so I say let your influences influence you. Having a major influence on one song isn't a bad thing at all, as long as this isn't a thing you don't do over and over again. I'd like to see how you finish this piece up though..
Its not bad to have influences, its what helps shape your sound and style.

I can see the Metallica in there, but its not completely Metallica

What you have so far is pretty good, I'd kinda like to see how the rest of the song progresses.
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