If i took my neck pickup and put it in a bridge position, would it sound more like a bridge pickup? Both the pups are the same and im a total noob at wiring.
^ nto nessicarily, part of the sound from a bridge or neck pick-up is where they are. older guitars use the same pick-ups in all positions, and they sound the same.
You said the pick-ups are the same, so it would sound like a bridge pick-up.
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Neck and bridge pickup usually have a different DC resistance. If the pickups he has really are exactly the same then they will sound the same. If he has bought them together e.g like a Alnico II Pro pro set, they are both Alnico II Pro's but the neck and bridge pickup are different.
If both the pups are the same, then what's the point of changing them? If they truly are the same pickup, then yes they will have the same dc resistance. But if its in the bridge then it will have that stereotypical bridge "twang". And if you put it in the neck it will have the neck "hollow" sound.
if they r the exact same (chances are that they have the same resistance too if it is a lesser quality pickup) they will sound different in different positions otherwise you'd only need one pickup.
You can generally interchange pickups safely, but normally pickups are designed to work in one position. Bridge pickups are normally higher output as the strings are quieter near the bridge, and have a litle more treble bite for solos for distorted riffs. Pickups for hte neck position are normally mellower sounding with less output as the strings have more volume closer to the centre of vibration (the string would have maximum volume under the 12th fret). Basically it is the position of the pickup that determines if it sounds twangy or mellow, sharp or soft. However pickups are designed to work with their respective position to provide hte best range of tones for that guitar.
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If both pups are the same, you'd get the same sound. Many guitars come with the same pickups in both positions. Never seen a KH Signature model ESP with an 81/81 setup?