Hey, anybody have any suggestions for a PA that would be good for small to medium size gigs, and possibly outiside. Im looking for one that isnt too expensive, maybe around 1,000. any help is appreciated.
Well, unfortunately with PA's you can never have a large enough rig.

$1000 won't get you very far, either. You may want to look into Peavey mixer/amps, though. They aren't bad at all.

Also, look into Electro-Voice speakers. I like those.

Anyway, you'll need at least 300 Watts to even scratch the surface. That would cover possibly an acoustic and a singer. For drums and amps you'd need to at least triple that wattage.

I'd say go for a mixer/amp because when you upgrade (and you will) it can become your monitor system.

You have to think like that: okay, this will be insufficient some day. How can I make sure it's still useful to me?
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make sure you get a great mixer, that's the heart and you can always upgrade speakers and amps and such
i only have expierence with Beheringer's mixers, and there really good no complaints there
i dont know how reliable there speakers or mics tho, as well as anything in that pack. If the speakers and mics are solid then it's a great deal, that's a good mixer to be using....i dont know tho

if you plan on mic'ing a drumset, then i wouldn't get it
but if your just planning on using it for vocals and mabye one or two smaller amps then it is a solid value if the speakers and mics are good